The War of the Reclining Airplane Seats Continues with Another Flight Diversion


Bickering among airline passengers about reclining seats is not a new phenomenon, but the act of diverting flights over it most certainly is. But now it’s getting kind of old.

And while the startling new trend of grounding flights over reclining seats — which began last month — is usually done at the pilot’s discretion, the latest instance was reportedly due to a passenger’s demand for the plane to land immediately.

On Tuesday, a Florida woman was removed from a flight from New York to West Palm Beach after she “flipped out’’ when a seat back was reclined in front of her, reported ABC News.


Tuesday’s incident follows several other similar instances that each resulted in flights being diverted to nearby airports to resolve escalating situations between warring passengers.

In at least one of the cases, authorities blamed a gadget that attaches to a passenger’s tray table and prevents the person in front of them from reclining for an airborne argument between passengers.

The Associated Press reported that three unscheduled landings happened in the past eight days over the ability to recline seats.

One of them was diverted to Boston last week during a Miami-to-Paris flight, resulting in the arrest of a man who was charged by the Suffolk County district attorney’s office with interfering with a flight crew.

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