Hey Boston, Have You Asked Your Dog to Shovel Yet?

Dogs can shovel too.

Elsa is pretty good with a shovel.
Elsa is pretty good with a shovel. –Buzz60

Mother Nature has dumped more than 100 inches of snow on Boston this winter.

You’ve seen the mountain-like snowbanks, you’ve read about (and maybe even witnessed) the space saving fights, and you’ve, no doubt, been shoveling your butt off.

But have you thought of asking your dog for help?

Dogs are not only capable of shoveling, but some do it downright gleefully. Take, for example, the Canadian dog named Elsa in the video above. Her owner Greg Cox posted the the footage of his dog helping the family shovel off the backyard hockey rink on YouTube this week.


So perhaps we are focusing our energy on the wrong things. Stop your social media gripes about shoveling.

And instead bring Fido outside for a lesson.

But, hey, if your dog just isn’t into pushing a shovel, pick your phone back up and snap a photo of your pooch frolicking in the snow and share it with us. Just look at all those Boston dogs enjoying the white stuff, some dressed in their winter finest.

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