Taste the sweet life: It’s maple season in Vermont

BOWDOIN, ME - MARCH 28:  A drop of fresh sap falls from a tap in a maple tree March 28, 2006 in Bowdoin, Maine. Earle Mitchell and his wife Penny Savage run the maple syrup business which produces 125-150 gallons of maple syrup each spring. Using a team of horses they collect the sap from the 700 tapped maple trees on five acres of land to boil it down to the syrup.  (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)
–Joe Raedle / Getty Images

You there: Step away from the Mrs. Butterworth’s.

It’s maple season in Vermont, that oh-so-sweet time of year when the Green Mountain State harvests that amber, pancake-topping nectar of the gods. The season began in late February and ends early April, so March is prime time — and we’ve got the best places to head for the pure stuff.

It sounds like something out of a storybook, but it’s real: The Sugar Shack sits on Sugar Shack Lane, in the tiny town of Arlington, tucked in the valley between the Taconic Range and the Green Mountains. Along the drive, you’re apt to see big barns, grazing cattle, green pastures, and, once you arrive, buckets collecting sap from maple trees. Take a free tour of the sugarhouse, but note that the boiling process requires cool nights and warm days, so call ahead if your aim is to see that part.


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