Rates at Trump hotels are falling, and we think we know why

The Trump Organization has reached a deal that will allow the company to walk away from the Trump SoHo property in Manhattan. –Todd Heisler/New York Times/File 2016

The Toronto hotel room was a bargain that was too good to be true. If there were infomercials for hotel rooms, the announcer would have bellowed, “But that’s not all! Order now and we’ll include a Jacuzzi tub and a 72-inch, flat-screen television, absolutely free during your stay! Operators are standing by.’’

I couldn’t bring myself to book this easy-on-the-change-purse room, even with $500 slashed off the price tag. Despite slick Internet photos showing the hotel’s opulent marble lobby, I turned away. It wasn’t what was on the inside that stopped me — it was what was on the outside.


The facade of the sleek glass building sported the name “Trump.’’ The name sat squat and imposing in a way that did not say “Relax and enjoy your stay.’’ It barked “Trump’’ at me, like a frustrated dog in a fenced yard.

The Government Accountability Office and the Office of Inspector General are looking into Trump’s lease of the federal building housing the Trump International Hotel. —Pablo Martinez Monsivais/Associated Press

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