Amazon Prime to Stream HBO Content

Actors Edie Falco and James Gandolfini, stars of the HBO television drama series "The Sopranos" are shown in a scene from the show in a 2002 episode. PHOTO CREDIT: Barry Wetcher/HBO -- 28mobtvmovies –REUTERS

Amazon Prime subscribers should load up on snacks before May 21, when the first wave of HBO content will become available to stream via Instant Video.

Amazon and HBO‘s licensing agreement was revealed in what Yahoo! Tech writer Jason O. Gilbert called a “surprise move’’ on Wednesday morning, giving non-HBO subscribers their first chance to stream content through a subscription-only service.

Full series of shows like “The Sopranos,’’ “The Wire,’’ “Big Love,’’ “Deadwood,’’ and “Six Feet Under’’ will be part of the first batch available on Amazon Prime Instant Video. If catching up on early seasons of “Boardwalk Empire’’ and “True Blood’’ is on your to-do list, you’ll be able to do that too, according to Business Wire.


Another note: Owners of Amazon’s newly introduced Fire TV will be able to enjoy HBO GO on the system by the end of the year.

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