Is Pat Sajak Just an Internet Troll?

Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak
Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak –AP

Americans have invited Pat Sajak into their living rooms each weeknight for the last 30 years. Like an amicable uncle, he’s chatting it up with everyman contestants, making small talk with Vanna White, always keeping it light.

But apparently that’s all spin for the Wheel of Fortune audience.

Sajak’s Twitter feed reads like the inner monologue of your curmudgeonly grandfather. You can almost hear him giggling before he hits the Tweet button.

In recent weeks he’s taken jabs at school kids, sandwich makers, the president, waiters, and hockey fans. It seems no one is safe from the scolding 67-year-old.


The most recent uproar, though, comes from Sajak’s views on climate change.


That’s not the first dip into climate change waters for this former weatherman.

In Sajak’s defense there might be some hyperbole on both sides. This tweet crossed while this article was being written.

Sensational? Maybe. Unpatriotic? Sort of. Racist? Not sure how he’s going to spin that one.

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