‘The Wonder Years’ Cast Reunites for DVD Shoot, Takes Selfie

What’s better than a “Wonder Years’’ marathon on a warm summer day?

Answer: Getting to see what the cast looks like as grown ups.

On Wednesday, the actors behind the Emmy-winning ‘80s and ‘90s series regrouped to prep for the release of “Wonder Years’’ DVDs — coming out later this year — and took some selfies while they were at it.

Actor Fred Savage, who played Kevin Arnold on the show, posted a photo (above) on Twitter which has since gone viral. It was retweeted by pictured castmates Jason Hervey (who played Kevin Arnold’s older brother Wayne), Josh Saviano (Paul Pfeiffer) and Danica McKellar (Winnie Cooper).


Each of the aforementioned actors was in attendance for the photoshoot, along with Olivia D’Abo, who played Kevin’s sister Karen, Dan Lauria, who played the booming Arnold patriarch Jack, and Alley Mills, Kevin’s sweet mother.

Saviano posted a snap of the Arnold family back at the dining table (above) and a non-selfie cast pic (sans Lauria, who opted out of the selfie, too).

H/t The Wrap

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