Boston ‘Tickler’ Mentioned on ‘The Daily Show’

Jon Stewart featured the Boston “Tickler’’ on “The Daily Show.’’
Jon Stewart featured the Boston “Tickler’’ on “The Daily Show.’’ –SCREENSHOT

The Boston “Tickler,’’ who has been breaking into homes and tickling people while they sleep, was featured on “The Daily Show’’ last night.

Host Jon Stewart wanted to lighten the mood after discussing the Oregon school shooting, so he found stories that seemed like they were going to end badly, but didn’t, and called it “Know What, We’ll Take It.’’

“Thank you Boston weirdo,’’ Stewart said. “You’ve saved the day. Because while you may be terrorizing the people of Boston for your own creepy gratification, at least you are trying to make people laugh.’’

As of a few days ago, the Boston Police were still “investigating the incident.’’

Keep your doors locked, people of Boston, there’s a tickler still on the loose.

Watch the full video here.


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