‘24: Live Another Day’ Episode 10 Recap

Michael Wincott as Adrian Cross and Mary Lynn Rajskub as Chloe in “24: Live Another Day.’’
Michael Wincott as Adrian Cross and Mary Lynn Rajskub as Chloe in “24: Live Another Day.’’ –Daniel Smith/FOX

Well, it’s been a week since The Greatest Single Thing in the History of Television history happened. I guess I’m ready to write rationally about “24’’ again.

Wait, no, I’m totally not. That was the GREATEST THING EVER. I turned 30 last Saturday, and anytime in the day before and after, when I thought about my single-and-broke life situation and got depressed, I just brought up the video of Jack chucking Catelyn Stark out the window and a big Cheshire Cat smile came over my face. Jack Bauer is better than Zoloft and chocolate cake.

Alright, time to calm down for some new adventures, though. Maybe these ones can at least equal the two-generation Al-Harazi tossing from last week. Damn it, that was so good. Steady. Breathe.


The drone threat on London has been dealt with, but there’s a bigger problem out there – the override device is now out in the open, pinched by CIA Agent Navarro (apparently, the CIA’s HR department was just as competent as CTU’s) under the direction of Adrian Cross, who still holds his Svengali power over Chloe. Navarro’s on the run now, with Jack after him and Morgan on her way to reinforce.

Cross gives a Bond villain-esque spiel about his true master plan to Chloe – crack into the override device and Wikileak the control to the world. She’s hesitant, but still under his spell. It comes as little surprise when Cross screws over Navarro, booking it with the device and leaving the CIA traitor to be arrested. The hacker power couple escape from Jack as he stares at them in a departing train, shades of “The French Connection,’’ minus the smug Gallic smile.

After Navarro’s Benedict Arnold act, Ritter is the new head of the CIA station. The investigation into his acts turns up the truth about Morgan’s husband – apparently, an innocent patsy framed by Navarro’s treason. That doesn’t sit too well with Morgan. What could be better schadenfreude than to see a nipple-clamped Navarro be interrogated by Jack? Navarro wants immunity in return for his information, enraging Jack to the point of violence – smashing Navarro’s fingers with the butt of his gun. His changeup will never be the same. Ritter’s got no patience for torture, though, and that deal Navarro offered sounds pretty good to him.


Oh, but what a pretty play Jack and Morgan put on. She busts into Navarro’s infirmary, pistol-whipping Navarro while Jack threatens her with his trusty pistol. Morgan is frightening enough to bleed the code to the override’s tracker out of Navarro, destroying any leverage he might have left.

Over in the government enclave, Heller is ready to head back and Nixon himself out of power before the information about the override device’s theft makes him reconsider his decision. A jealous Mark and Audrey have a confrontation over his dealings, and he does what every scared husband would do in that situation – contact a giant-mustachioed Russian to do giant-mustachioed Russian things. They still want Bauer.

Cross and Chloe get to the new hideout to – yikes – find their entire crew with their throats slit, thanks to old friend Chang, the same man who kidnapped and tortured Jack. Wow. Jack has really angered about 3/5ths of the entire world, hasn’t he? They want the power of the override device now, and Chloe helps them to get it. There’s no more use for Cross, so he’s dispatched with a bullet to the brain … and Chang gets to work with the override device. They manipulate an American sub to torpedo a Chinese carrier, after fooling everyone with some “Crimson Tide’’-like manipulations. There’s some kind of war on the horizon. Also, do the Chinese have aircraft carriers? I guess that’s some type of future speculation.

Jack and Morgan are oh-so-close to the device before the Russians make their move, T-boning the car and sparking a vicious street firefight. So, that’s the Chinese starting a war and the Russians filling the street with bullets. Eventually, “24’’ is going to bring Al Qaeda, Scientologists, Klingons, and Hutts into this conflict. Wouldn’t that be some kind of battle?


Well, we’ve got only two episodes to go, and the explosions are getting louder and the bullet count is rising. What kind of massive conflagration will this season end in?

Other thoughts, as I wonder where I can buy details on Benjamin Bratt’s workout regimen:

– First “damn it’’ of the show at 9:22.

– “Just so we’re clear – I wasn’t asking, that was me being courteous.’’ – What a great line from Jack.

– That’s two major bad guys killed off in two weeks. Not to continue with the comparisons, but that’s almost “Thrones’’-esque.

– Oh yeah, Mary Lynn Rajskub (Chloe) is a fantastic comedian. Go see her, if you’re in one of these areas.

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