BDC Now: Meet the Meteorologist Who Relieved Himself on Camera, Even Though He Never Did

On the Internet, a first impression lasts. So poor Mike Seidel will probably live forever as the guy who took a leak during his live shot, even though he was just using his phone. See his report for yourself on today’s BDC Now, and read more about Ben Stein’s headline-generating comments on Fox News, a Halloween prank in Japan, a hockey goalie with a clever strategy, and what may be Apple’s most expensive item ever.

First Impressions Can Last a Lifetime

The Internet is sorry, Mike Seidel. When you had your back turned to the camera on “NBC Nightly News’’ over the weekend, there was some speculation you might have been “streaming’’ the news. And so the world pointed and laughed at the man relieving himself on camera. But if anyone had bothered to treat your live shot like the Zapruder film, they would have seen that you were looking at something in your hand, then turned, put that item in your pocket, and began putting your gloves on. Those actions don’t exactly line up with a trip to the men’s room, but they do work nicely with Brian Williams’ story: That you were using your cell phone to call in to the NBC studios so you could hear Lester Holt through your ear piece. Unfortunately, you’ll still probably be remembered as the guy who took a leak on camera, but the Internet is sorry and hopefully that means something.


The Making of a Headline

We’re remiss to give Ben Stein the attention he wanted when he said this, but his comments are too bizarre to ignore. When the famed economist took five minutes out of his day to visit Fox News, the expectation might have been that he would give some sound advice to voters looking to protect their wallets and the economy. Instead, he decided his appearance would be better used to call President Obama “the most racist president there has ever been in America.’’ Good one, Ben. We’re not sure if you actually believe what you said, but we do suspect that this is what happens when a guy who is famous for taking attendance in an 80’s movie wants more attention.

The Million-Dollar Mac

If you’re still bitter over dropping hundreds of dollars on a new iPhone, maybe hold your complaining for a bit – that new smartphone you got doesn’t even come close to the most expensive Apple product ever purchased. That title belongs to a 1976 Apple I computer that sold at auction last month for $905,000. That’s a pretty obscene price tag, but apparently that computer’s reign isn’t even expected to last that long. Another Apple I computer going up for auction at Christie’s in December could fetch as much as $1 million. The thing originally sold for just $600, which is a pretty good return on investment after 38 years.


Minor League Hockey: Where Cheating Happens

Bridgeport is a depressing place. It’s in Connecticut. People only know it as “the dangerous place that isn’t Hartford or New Haven.’’ And the best thing in town is a minor league hockey team – with a player who cheats, no less. The Bridgeport Sound Tigers were facing the Springfield Falcons on Sunday when two Falcons players found themselves breaking toward net with the puck and no defenders between them and the goalie. What does netminder David Leggio do? Well, he didn’t want to face a 2-on-1, so he just turned and threw the net off its moorings, stopping play and solving the problem. Sure, the Falcons were awarded a penalty shot, but Leggio was probably happier with a 1-on-1 showdown and even made the save. On the one hand, the play was a bad show of sportsmanship. On the other hand, it’s hard to blame a guy who works in Bridgeport for trying to make his life just a little bit easier.

The Things People Do for YouTube

We know it’s only been a few days since Halloweekend, but after you’re done recovering from the devilish combination of sugar high and hangover, you should thank your lucky stars you weren’t in Osaka, Japan. If you had been, there was a decent chance you would have had to face off with a guy who made it his mission to make “mannequin’’ the scariest costume of 2014. How could somebody possibly do that with such a boring costume, you ask? Well, it’s pretty simple. He just stood outside a bunch of stores across the city, waited for somebody to wander too close, then suddenly came to life and startled them. We can think of a few things we’d rather do than spend a night standing very still outside various clothing stores, but since someone else took care of that part, we guess it was kind of worth it.



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