Watch Matt Damon act out his biggest roles with James Corden—in 8 minutes

Wicked impressive.

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Matt Damon continued promoting The Martian on literally every talk show America has to offer by stopping by The Late Late Show with James Corden Tuesday night. And it might have been his most impressive appearance yet.

Together, Corden and Damon did a sketch that raced through Damon’s best roles in his 20-year film career, all in just eight minutes. They acted out more than 20 movies, including Good Will Hunting, The Departed, all the Bourne movies, all the Oceans, and even Behind the Candelabra.

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Did they touch on every movie Damon has ever been in? No. Is it remarkable nevertheless? Yes. It’s so tremendous, in fact, that we’ll even forgive them for neglecting Damon’s underrated yet highly celebrated cameo in EuroTrip, piercings and all.


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The many haircuts of Matt Damon:

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