What we know about Caila Quinn, the Bachelor contestant from Boston

She may not pahk her cah in Havahd yahd (because no one does), but she did go to BC.

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Last year, there was a guy from Boston on The Bachelorette. Remember him? He quickly lost his chill. Then we had another man who, like any cool dude, used a Good Will Huntingline. Ah, yes, Boston had its fair share of representation on ABC’s beloved dating game show last year. But, alas, a new year means a new season.

The 20th (20th!!!) season of The Bachelor is in full force on TVs everywhere — episode two aired last night — and whaddayaknow, one of the contestants hails from our fair city.

Caila Quinn, a 24-year-old software sales rep from Hudson, Ohio, is one of the 28 women competing for the heart of Ben Higgins (a contestant from last year’s Bachelorette). Caila said in week one’s premiere episode that she moved to Boston five years ago. She “just fell in love with the city and never wanted to leave.’’


Two episodes in, and there’s already so much out there on Caila Quinn. (Thanks, prying producers and Internet.) Here’s what else to know:

1. She had a boyfriend in Boston before getting onto The Bachelor. Caila said in episode one that she met her last boyfriend on a plane, and two weeks later they ran into each other in Boston. “I thought it was fate,’’ she said in the episode. “But a year later I found myself wondering if he’s really the one. When I was watching Kaitlyn’s season, I saw Ben come out of the limo, and I said in my head, ‘Oh my god, he’s the perfect person.’ There’s definitely something wrong when I had butterflies for someone on TV. It really hit me that my boyfriend and I had to end it.’’

2. She’s already had some alone time with Ben. In last night’s week two episode, Caila was invited to be the first of Ben’s one-on-dates. Ice Cube and Kevin Hart were there to give romantic advice/support (for some reason unknown to everyone). At dinner, Ben said he was just so happy Caila opened up to him.

3. She went to Boston College. Cailia appears to be one of those people who is really into LinkedIn. Hers is detailed and comprehensive. It looks like she came to Boston to go to BC, graduated in 2014, and stuck around afterward.


4. She works in Dedham. Caila interned everywhere (including TJX, TJ Maxx’s parent company), worked a “corporate hospitality venue’’ at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, and now has a job at Reflexis Systems in Dedham.

5. And, like you, she’s a Bachelor junkie. Oh, come on. You know you are, too.

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