This faux-trailer for Seth Meyers’s Boston Accent movie is literally the most Boston thing ever. Literally ever.


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Everything you ever appreciated about The Departed, Good Will Hunting, The Town, Black Mass, Spotlight, and every other Boston-centric movie is right here in one video. And it’s glorious.

Late Night host (and New Hampshire native) Seth Meyers stars in this trailer for his fake movie, Boston Accent, which just laughs at all the devices used in every movie ever made in Boston.

It’s almost too good to summarize, so believe us when we say you have to watch it yourself. Here, we assembled some of the best quotes:

1. “I’m a father. I’m a son. And above all, I’m from Boston.’’


2. “Loaded with geographical references to cities and towns in Massachusetts and the greater Boston area: ‘I can meet you in an hour in Worcester.’ ‘How about Medford?’ ‘How about Dorcester?’ ‘How about Gloucester?’ ‘How about Taunton?’ ‘Ah, my cousin is from Taunton.’ ‘Wicked.’’’

3. “The only thing stronger than these accents is the love between a man and a woman Boston-style.’’

4. “See the movie that is being hailed as chock-full of aerial shots of Fenway Park.’’

5. “Featuring 75 new songs from the Dropkick Murphys that all sound like this.’’

6. “Featuring…shots of real Bostonians who stand in the background to give the movie authenticity.’’

7.Boston Accent, probably a Ben Affleck film.’’


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