Chris Pine got some bad advice on doing a Boston accent for The Finest Hours

Thanks to Casey Affleck and Ben Foster.

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If an actor is given the task of taking on a Boston accent for a role, it makes sense that he or she should be worried. Especially if said actor is not from Boston. Just take Chris Pine, for example. He appeared Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday and discussed just how big a burden the duty is.

“I think you did a nice job with the Boston accent,’’ Kimmel said. “But you have to because if you don’t, the people of Boston – you’ll never be able to go there. They are very critical of, well, almost everything really. But especially that.’’

“We had a group of people who were giving me what they thought were helpful hints, which turned out to be just awful,’’ Pine said.

This includes Pine’s Boston-raised co-stars Casey Affleck and Ben Foster, who weren’t too helpful either.

“They’re little people in your ears just talking about how, ‘No it’s not like that, Chris, it’s not like that,’’’ Pine said.

Pine went on to discuss how Bostonians pronounce their O’s. (Come on, Pine. It’s about the R’s, let’s get with it.)

“Don’t quote me on this, but I think it goes more like, ‘nawt’ [not], ‘bawt’ [bought],’’ he said.

Kimmel then added: “Like, the Patriots are nawt in the Super Bowl?’’ But we’re going to choose to ignore that.

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