John Kerry says he has the best job in America

“It’s a privilege,’’ he told Jimmy Kimmel.

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Lots of politics talk happened on Tuesday night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! when Secretary of State John Kerry, Massachusetts’s own former senator, stopped in.

Kerry has been Secretary of State for three years, and so Kimmel posed the daunting question you’d only really hear from your meddling relatives over the holidays: “Do you still like your job?’’

“I love the job,’’ Kerry said. “I have the best job in America.’’

Kimmel pointed out how challenging it is, as well.

“Do you ever feel like it’s hopeless, like, ‘There’s no reasoning with this group of people or that group of people?’’’ Kimmel asked. “‘And they’re not listening to me and there’s nothing I can do? Why am I here? Why am I not home in bed?’’’

“Am I allowed to lie?’’ Kerry asked.

“Well, of course,’’ Kimmel said. “Isn’t that what politicians do?’’





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