Ben Affleck on what it was really like to win an Oscar for Good Will Hunting

He said taking home his Argo statue was "a much more healthy experience."

Ben Affleck appeared on The Graham Norton Show Thursday night to promote his new film, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

The new promo tour didn’t stop Norton from bringing up the old days, though. Norton talked about the night Affleck and Damon won the Best Original Screenplay Academy Award for Good Will Hunting in 1998, asking Affleck if, looking back, he rejoiced over his early success or thought it was “a bit of a curse.”

Affleck told the host, “I don’t think it was a curse, but I couldn’t really appreciate it. It was very hallucinatory.”

Affleck then compared his second Oscar win—in 2013 for Best Picture for Argo—to the first, and explained how his maturity and age made a difference.

“I had been through so much stuff, so many ups and downs, humiliations and highs and lows. At that point I had had three children and had built a whole life,” Affleck said. “And I also knew what it meant and what it didn’t mean—what was important about it and what wasn’t. … It was probably a much more healthy experience.”

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