Watch Bernie Sanders shoot a T-shirt cannon as a surprise guest on The Late Show

The Democratic presidential candidate was the show's first “mystery guest.”


(Skip to 5:17 to watch)

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders sent The Late Show with Stephen Colbert crowd into a frenzy when he showed up as a surprise guest Thursday night.

The unexpected appearance came during a recurring segment called “Wheel of News,” where Colbert pulls an oversized lever that spins a giant wheel he affixed to the ceiling of the Ed Sullivan Theater. The wheel is segmented into topics like sports and entertainment.

Fatefully, the wheel landed on “mystery guest,” and the Vermont senator emerged amid lights and fog. Sanders is the first mystery guest on the “Wheel of News” segment, Colbert said.


After a brief talk about superdelegates, Sanders got down to the real business.

“I’d like to spin that damn wheel,” he told Colbert.

And what section did it land on for Senator Sanders? A T-shirt cannon. The Democratic candidate shot some T-shirts to a few lucky crowd members, though hopefully everyone got a chance at T-shirt equality after the segment.


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