John Kasich has a weird reason for eating pizza with a fork

He explained himself on Late Night.

Republican presidential candidate John Kasich really did a job offending the Internet back in March when he was spotted in New York City eating pizza with a fork and knife.

It seems that Kasich is now offering up an explanation for his completely horrific actions. He told Seth Meyers on Thursday’s Late Night that the reason he used silverware to eat his ‘za is because it was “too hot.”

Even better, when Meyers told him you gotta wait a second to let it cool, Kasich was like, “Oh, no.” He explained that in college, he lived with 15 dudes, and do you think 15 dudes just waited for their pizza to cool down? No, sir, John Kasich and his college bros did not and will not wait 30 extra seconds for their pizza.

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