Watch Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel return to couples therapy

It takes more than one try to see progress.

The 10-year saga that is the Matt Damon vs. Jimmy Kimmel faux-feud continues. Damon returned to Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday to revisit their “couples therapy” bit, during which he and Kimmel confront their ongoing relationship “issues.”

In the sketch, Damon and Kimmel explore some of the most recent moments that made the other upset (e.g., when Ben Affleck snuck Damon onto JKL!). By the end, the therapist asks Damon and Kimmel to participate in some art therapy, having them draw out “how they view each other.” Damon draws Kimmel as a human with a butt for a face. Kimmel draws — well, we’ll let you watch.



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