How Tommy Lee Jones helped Matt Damon and Ben Affleck afford to write ‘Good Will Hunting’

Two decades later, Jones and Damon currently star together in ‘Jason Bourne.’

It’s been almost two decades since the world was graced with Good Will Hunting, an unlikely film made by two Boston boys that’s considered a beloved classic today. While there are so many fascinating (and even crazy) stories out there about how the movie came to be, Damon shared a little tidbit on Wednesday’s The Tonight Show that has gone untold until now.

“Tommy Lee [Jones] gave me a job 20-something years ago,” Damon told host Jimmy Fallon.

Jones costars with Damon in the fifth Bourne movie, Jason Bourne, in theaters Friday.

“The first thing he ever directed was this little cable TV movie, and Tommy Lee gave me a job,” Damon continued. “I was out of money. Ben and Casey [Affleck] and I were living together in L.A., and that paid me $20,000. I’ll never forget. I got to work with him all summer long, I got this money, and that was the money that allowed Ben and I not to have to go get other jobs so we could stay at home and write Good Will Hunting.”


How’s that for bringing things full circle?

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