Billy Bush: ‘If I had thought there was a man detailing a sexual assault strategy to me, I would have called the FBI’

Billy Bush discussed Trump's alleged 'Access Hollywood' tape denials with Stephen Colbert.

Former Today show anchor Billy Bush stopped by The Late Show on Monday to discuss the infamous 2005 Access Hollywood tape in which President Donald Trump made lewd comments about grabbing women by their genitalia.

Specifically, Bush responded to a New York Times report that Trump privately told a senator and an adviser that the tape “was not authentic,” a report with which Bush has a big problem.

“By the way, I would also like to say that’s not me on the bus,” Bush joked. “You don’t get to say that, because I was there, and the last 14 months of my life I have been dealing with it. You dealt with it for 14 minutes and went on to be the president.”


Bush, who also penned a recent New York Times editorial on the topic, said that when Trump spoke to him and other men on the bus in 2005, he equated Trump’s words to a “crass stand-up act” and didn’t believe they described any real actions.

“If I had thought there was a man detailing a sexual assault strategy to me,” Bush said, “I would have called the FBI, not just reported it to my executive producer.”

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