‘SMILF’ creator Frankie Shaw had to watch a Conan O’Brien speech on her first day of high school

Frankie Shaw on Conan. —Conan/TBS

Frankie Shaw, actor, writer, director, and executive producer of the Southie-based TV show SMILFstopped by Conan on Wednesday to discuss, among other things, her first day of high school. She and host Conan O’Brien both grew up in Brookline and attended Brookline High School, albeit years apart. By the time Shaw began ninth grade, O’Brien had already begun working in Hollywood.

“My first day of freshman year, they played your valedictorian speech or a speech you gave,” Shaw told O’Brien. “As like, ‘This is what you could be.'”

O’Brien explained that the high school invited him back to give a talk when he was a writer on The Simpsonsand he later found out that his speech was being shown to current students.


“They make them all come into a giant room the first day and make them watch this thing,” he said, “which, of course, is horrifying because then you become the chore for everybody else.”

“Yeah,” Shaw responded, “I remember sitting through it wondering when it was going to end.”