On ‘SNL,’ ‘Elizabeth Warren’ mocks fake sex scandal as not her ‘vibe’

Kate McKinnon’s impersonation of Senator Elizabeth Warren has been a season highlight.

Kate McKinnon (left) has played Senator Elizabeth Warren in each of the first two episodes of the new season of “Saturday Night Live.’’ Will Heath/NBC

“Saturday Night Live’’ is two episodes into its new season and one of the staples of the show thus far has been Kate McKinnon’s impersonation of Senator Elizabeth Warren.

The “senator’’ appeared on her second consecutive episode this weekend, popping by the “Weekend Update’’ desk to talk with Colin Jost and Michael Che about her fund-raising efforts, online rumors, and more.

McKinnon slid her chair up to the desk and immediately pumped Jost’s hand in a vigorous shake, bragging about her grass-roots fund-raising.

“Mama loves to garden,’’ she cracked.

She went on to joke about calling a supporter who offered her “$2 and a coupon for BOGO saline solution,’’ because of her dismissal of big-dollar donations. She raised nearly $25 million in the last quarter, largely due to small-dollar donations, her campaign said.


Then, Jost mentioned the conservative conspiracy theorist who raised the possibility this week that Warren, 70 years old and married for 39 years, was having an affair with a 24-year-old Marine.

Grinning, McKinnon’s Warren said “that’s Elizabeth Warren’s vibe for sure.’’

“Rumors have power when they feel true,’’ she continued. “What has ever felt less true than any single part of that?’’

The conspiracy theorist, a supporter of President Trump named Jacob Wohl, has faced legal problems and FBI investigation amid his many attempts to smear public figures like Robert Mueller, Kamala Harris, and Pete Buttigieg.

McKinnon’s Warren ended the skit by returning the focus to her donors, including those who had sent her “a scary doll of myself’’ and a needlepoint pillow that read “nevertheless she pursussed,’’ a play on Warren’s oft-repeated message “nevertheless, she persisted.’’


“SNL’’ also tackled the ongoing impeachment inquiry, showcasing Beck Bennett as Vice President Mike Pence consulting with Rudy Giuliani and Attorney General Bill Barr during the show’s cold open.

Giuliani, played by McKinnon, and Barr, played by “SNL’’ cast member Aidy Bryant, were joined by Mike Pompeo, played by actor Matthew Broderick, who made a joke about his character Ferris Bueller before attempting to advise Pence on how to escape consequences in the ongoing inquiry.


The sketch poked fun at several political events of the past week, including Giuliani’s ongoing appearances on television and the arrival of the president of Finland in the United States.