Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump hypes supporters in ‘SNL’ cold open

With special appearances by 'Lindsey Graham', 'Mark Zuckerberg', and 'ISIS'.

This week’s “Saturday Night Live” cold open brought back Alec Baldwin as President Donald Trump hosting a surprise rally in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

“It’s so nice to be here in the great city of Albacore — tuna capital of the United States,” said Baldwin’s Trump, surrounded by supporters.

“As you know, my lying impeachment inquiry continues,” he added. “What is it really, folks?” Replied rally-goers: “A witch hunt!” The president then said, “And there was absolutely no…?” And the audience finished, “Collusion!”

“No, no, the new one. There was no…,” Trump retorted.


“No ‘quid bro code!'” supporters chanted.

Trump invited loyal followers to join him at the podium to “explain what’s really happening in this country.”

First, there was Cecily Strong as “Christine from Las Cruces,” who wore a misspelt T shirt that read “KEEM AMARICA GREAB AGRAIN.”

Strong said with a salute: “This was taken verbatim from one of your tweets, therefore it is correct. The words need to change because you said so, sir.”

Mike Daly took the podium wearing a black leather vest representing “Bikers for Trump.”

“If they try to get rid of you, then all of us bikers, we’re gonna ride,” Daly said.

“What if they don’t try to get rid of me?” Trump asked.

“We’re gonna ride,” Daly said. “Kinda the only thing we do.”

An engaged audience nodded and gestured in agreement.

Aidy Bryant made an appearance as a Trump supporter – “I love you and I worship you as the one true white lord,” said Bryant – followed by Pete Davidson, who portrayed a member of ISIS. “Yeah, I was a prisoner in Syria until last week when you freed me. So I just want to say thank you for bringing jobs back to ISIS,” Davidson said. “And I promise that I will make ISIS great again.”


Kate McKinnon then arrived as Lindsey Graham, Trump describing the South Carolina senator  as “a scoop of ice cream melting into a suit.” McKinnon’s Graham performed a soliloquy from “The Glass Menagerie” by Tennessee Williams.

Alex Muffet showed up as Mark Zuckerberg and robotically defended his company, saying, “Facebook isn’t pro-Russian. It’s just not anti-Russian.”

The sketch ended with several surprises. Darrell Hammond brought back his famous Bill Clinton, who admitted he didn’t know it was a Trump rally, having just “followed the party.” And Fred Armisen played Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who asks Trump to “give this Turkey some gravy,” and promises he’s “treating the Kurds really well.”

Watch the full sketch above.


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