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Ongoing Tai Chi

Sebastian Community Center

Monday • July 22

Clock Icon 10:30 AM
Money Icon $3
Location Icon Sebastian Community Center
1805 N Central Avenue
Sebastian, FL 32958

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Tai Chi originated in ancient China and today over 300 million people worldwide practice it primarily for its health benefits. Tai Chi consists of slow, gentle, circular movements and slow, deep breathing that aids in concentration and relaxation. Some of the health benefits of the ongoing practice of Tai Chi include: increased flexibility and muscle strength, improved balance and posture and the integration of the mind and body. Dr. Paul Lam and a panel of Tai Chi and medical experts developed the Tai Chi for Health programs and people of almost any age or physical condition find that Tai Chi is fun and easy to learn. Two separate classes are offered at the Community Center. Basic moves and concepts are introduced and practiced in the beginner Tai Chi class and is recommended for those new to Tai Chi. 

The regular on-going class practices several different forms as well as concentration on integrating essential principals and in-depth concepts. Guidelines: Wear loose, comfortable clothing and flat, well-fitting, and flexible shoes. No flip-flops or heels please! All cell phones on vibrate. Refrain from perfumes, colognes, or scented body lotions.

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