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2019 Valentine Romantic Five Course Dinner and Wine with Chocolate Pairing

Averill House Vineyard

Thursday • February 14

Clock Icon 5:30 PM
Money Icon $79
Location Icon Averill House Vineyard
21 Averill Road
Brookline, NH 03033

Event Details

Five Courses: appetizer, salad, side dish, entree and dessert all paired with wine. Each with a special relation with chocolate. Skip lunch to leave room for this delectable meal!

Launching our Limited Production True Kiss (Strawberry Zinfandel)to Celebrate the special wines of love. These will include True Mellow (Watermelon Merlot) barrel aged, True Belle (Peach Chardonnay) and a few more hidden gems.

The wine pairing will be Chocolate themed in perfect balance with the wines matched for an evening of love. Your commemorative glass will remind you of this special evening for years to come.

Leave It To Me Event Planning has come up with a scrumptious menu Five courses that will all be accented with Chocolate in amazing ways. Chocolate Port Sauce, Coconut Chocolate, Chocolate Dressing, White Chocolate and a special dessert with a Chocolate theme. We won't spoil the courses by giving a full description. But Maureen makes amazing food. What she does with Chicken, Beef and salad is astonishing!
Wine tasting and pairing are complementary.

Arrive at 5:30 pm to begin your adventure, taking a tour of the Winery and cellar with a tasting direct from the cask. Then promptly at 6pm join in a tasting where you will taste several wines paired to some fabulous Chocolate, Meats and Crackers. As the evening continues we'll open the last of the wines in celebration of your love.

Then select your favorite wine of the evening or one of our others you have been drawn too for your own pleasure.

Tickets are Limited to 23 people for this exciting evening. If the evening is a gift we would love to be in on the suprise! If your partner does not drink, send us a note so we can arrange something special for them. If you have interset in making a full day of your visit send us a note, your threshold for activity and we'll organize your adventure. Any question call or send us a note.

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