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Discovering Magic

Hatbox Theatre

Wednesday • May 15

Clock Icon 7:30 PM
Money Icon $12 - $17. $17, $14 members, seniors, students, $12 senior member
Location Icon Hatbox Theatre
270 Loudon Rd
Concord, NH 03301

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Once upon a time. In the beginning. A long time ago.

Memorable stories start with a great opening line. While the performing arts tend to focus on telling stories in which the audience are mainly observers, the wonderful thing about a performance of magic is that it creates a story in which the audience is an active participant.

Ever since he was a little boy, Andrew Pinard has wondered about the world and marveled at the ways people interact with it and each other. He has spent much of his life seeking answers, often only to find more questions. Along the way he has picked up some interesting observations, some odd stories and some truly unusual skills. Rather than trafficking in the impossible, his performances beg the question: what might be possible?

Discovering Magic has been a feature of the Concord performing arts scene since 2013. It has been featured the last two years at The Player’s Ring in Portsmouth, NH, where it played for sold out houses. Since returning to Concord, audiences have been treated to a “mind-numbing, jaw-dropping, eye-opening” experience on a guided tour of the impossible and the absurd. Using only the most ordinary of objects, accomplished actor, conjuror, puppeteer, storyteller, and award-winning performer Andrew Pinard brings the ordinary to life with the most surprising results. The only show of its kind in the New England, audiences have traveled from throughout New England and beyond to experience sleight of hand, con games, psychology, history, science, comedy, cognitive development, political spin, and more through the eyes of a “perceptual engineer” on his quest to explore distortion and guile. Culled from his popular monthly performances elsewhere and abroad, every performance is different and guaranteed to please audiences.
There is an aphorism that says that the one who dies with the most toys wins; Pinard believes that the one who collects the most stories is actually far richer. Experience Discovering Magic for yourself and add another story to your collection.

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