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Full of Life Now: Walt Whitman at 200

Boston Athenaeum

Thursday • May 23

Clock Icon 6:00 PM
Money Icon $15 - $20. $15.00 to $20.00 —members/non-members
Location Icon Boston Athenaeum
10 ½ Beacon St
Boston, MA 02108

Event Details

Celebrating the Bicentennial of America’s greatest poet, Walt Whitman, the Boston Athenaeum presents baritone Stephan David Hewitt singing Full of Life Now: Walt Whitman at 200, a concert of original song-settings of Whitman’s passionate, intimate, visionary, and ever-radical lyrics.

As a young man just before the Civil War, Whitman self-published a book of poems he called Leaves of Grass—radical, body-as-sacred lyrics that are still radical today, perhaps even more radical today.

With these “song-poem” settings by the Dream Brothers, Gary Avram Glickman and Stephan David Hewitt, the soul and spirit of Whitman live on. The Dream Brothers’ mission is to help publicize the healing passion and power of Whitman’s lyrics for a new century and a new generation—as Whitman lovers have been doing every generation since the poet’s death, in 1892. The songs are passionate, fearlessly open-hearted, contemporary anthems and art songs with a unique visionary focus, part of the ancient troubadour tradition of sharing poetry through music, integrating heart, sexuality, spirituality, and art.

Sharing the stage, the couple alternate between reciting Whitman’s lyrics and performing the songs inspired by them. Gary Avram Glickman, psychologist, novelist and poet himself, recites most of the lyrics, and baritone Stephan David Hewitt sings and accompanies himself at the piano.

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