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Iron Kim Moving Meditation

Oom Yung Doe School

Thursday • December 6

Clock Icon 5:00 PM
Money Icon $20
Location Icon Oom Yung Doe School
31 Belmont Street
Cambridge, MA 02143

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Thursdays 5pm- 5:45pm

These are time proven Traditional Martial Arts exercise techniques that are known to strengthen and balance your internal and external condition. These techniques focus on clearing the mind and body of any imbalances that arise as a result of stress, which can ultimately lead to illness. More important than being able to remove stress, Moving Meditation helps you to achieve a state of mind that allows you to effectively deal with stressful events that inevitably arise in everyone’s life. The principle of Moving Meditation is to unify and balance the mind and body.

Moving Meditation focuses on opening up the following body systems for optimum efficiency;

  • Circulatory system

  • Respiratory system

  • Nervous system

These Techniques consist of:

  • Focused breathing and fluid movement that allow your joints to move through a full range of motion

  • Techniques that stretch and strengthen your inner connective tissue while toning and loosening muscles

  • Movements that stimulate proper function of internal systems and organs

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