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Ocean State Follies Return to the Courthouse

Courthouse Center for the Arts

Friday • March 15

Clock Icon 7:30 PM
Money Icon $20 Buy Tickets
Location Icon Courthouse Center for the Arts
3481 Kingstown Road
West Kingston, RI 02892

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“Look, if I’m not letting President Pinocchio give the State of the Union speech in DC, then I’m certainly not going to allow him to spread his political poo poo in some lame, local comedy cabaret in RI. That’s what we have Cicilline for.” said Pelosi, the Speakstress of the House.
The Follies will be returning to the Courthouse (oceanstatefollies.net)

Despite the shutdown showdown, the Ocean State Follies, a long-running, award-winning coup de hoot on the RI politics du jour say they are planning to take the stage despite the mayhem. “It’s what the framers had in mind when they wrote… whatever they wrote, back whenever that was,” said a scholarly Charlie Hall who will play a Buddy Cianci TEEN ANGEL crooning new song parody “City Hall Dropout” in the performances next month.

In other news, Conor O’Rourke who plays Trump in the Follies, said he didn’t care about the Pelosi ban and that he would be appearing in those shows despite a car accident he had with Chevy 1 yesterday that has resulted in major insurance policy problems for O’Rourke, explaining,. “Let me say right now, there was NO COLLISION, ok?…absolutely NO COLLISION. Totaled. But I will be at my Follies gigs anyway. Pelosi sucks gavels.”
Rudy Giulliani suggested on Fox News that the accident by the Trump actor here could have been caused by Russian hackers and might’ve been avoided had a wall had been built in Mexico. The cartoon lawyer then had to go get his lithium refilled.

NOW….To find out how this turns out, why not see the Follies show at The Courthouse!
Oh, btw there’s more than just the Trumpster in the comedy shows anyway… Full Bar, Gina, hairdressers, Johnston turkeys, blue bugs, missed r’s, and much much more.

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