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Organic Farm Summer Program

Natick Community Organic Farm

Monday • August 19

Clock Icon 9:00 AM
Money Icon $180 - $298. Please visit our website for detailed pricing, time and date information.
Location Icon Natick Community Organic Farm
117 Eliot Street
Natick, MA 01760

Event Details

NCOF’s popular week long summer programs offer youth ages 3-17 ten weeks of amazing opportunities to engage with the farm and to help run it! Please visit NCOF website for dates, age groups and times.

Forest Explorers (Ages 3.5-5)
With the Forest Explorers, children discover the woods as a place of magic and make-believe through song, play, and storytelling. Build a fort, bake a mud-pie, make a leaf collage, or splash in the pond. Each week, the Forest Explorers fill the woods with wonder and laughter. 

Budding Farmers (Ages 4-5)
The day of a Budding Farmer is filled with exploration and imagination. As our youngest group on the farm, Budding Farmers discover this fascinating place with all five senses. Guided by intrepid naturalist-agrarian educators, expect your child to build their powers of observation while immersing themselves in the farm landscape. 

Young Farmers (Ages 6-7)
Young Farmers discover that though small they can make a big difference on the farm. We challenge our students to jump in and try new things like entering an animal enclosure to improve the pasture, pushing a wheelbarrow for the first time, or eating a salad they picked themselves! 

Growing Farmers (Ages 8-9)
Growing Farmers are ready to be part of the farm. Whether it’s making some mint tea after weeding a fence line, singing a song while stacking some wood, or holding the second annual Forest Stream Regatta, these youngsters experience the breadth and depth of farm life. 

Junior Working Farmers (Ages 10-11)
The Junior Working Farmer program touches all aspects of farm life. One day they are carpenters, fixing a sticky gate. The next day they might be engineers finding the gradient for a storm drain. And everyday they curate and polish market stand. 

Working Farmers (Ages 12-14)
Working Farmers powering every dimension of the growing process. Seeding, weeding, cultivating, harvesting, selling- they are hands on at every step. Working right alongside our expert growers, kids learn where their food comes from and how to grow it.

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