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Pioneer Your Soul - Master Your Potential! Weekly Group

Aikido Tekkojuku of Boston

Thursday • March 22

Clock Icon 8:15 PM
Money Icon $15 - $25 Buy Tickets
Location Icon Aikido Tekkojuku of Boston
561 Windsor Street
Somerville, MA 02143

Event Details

Welcome, fellow seeker and soul pioneer!

Do you have a burning desire to deeply know yourself and the Universe, and experience more of life and love?

Do you crave to be around other passionate, conscious people who want to go deep, grow, and change the world together?

No need to search any further. You’ve found the right place! Come join the circle and get ready to explore the edges of your purpose, power, and potential!

Each week we'll go on a new soul adventure together! We'll meditate, move, explore, study, play, practice, create, dance, envision, and journey together. Our ultimate goal will be to explore a new soul-awakening theme (like balance, desire, flow, success, intuition, etc.) and practice (like movement/dance, meditation, visualization, art-making, etc.) each week that will give you greater access to your individual gifts and vision, and to the group's collective wisdom so you can unleash your powerful life force energy with greater courage, clarity and purpose in your life. When you step further into your personal leadership, and we join forces to awaken as a group, we can become even more powerful stewards of a positive present and future!

We'll specifically focus on how we can apply these breakthroughs to life, work, and creativity outside of our time together so we can move forward with fresh possibilities, make choices with greater direction, ease, freedom; and flow towards our dreams. 

Some weeks there will even be special guests! Spiritual teachers from the community will be invited to facilitate, including shamanic practitioners, sound healers, astrologers, expressive artists, movement and energy practitioners, and SO many more, so you can experience the infinite spectrum of channels that can bring you into supreme harmony with who you truly are, and that will empower us to live and love more freely and fully!

If you’re ready to fully step into your purpose - who you are truly meant to be in this lifetime - and discover and align with the truest intentions of your heart, come join! Settle in and make yourself comfortable - it’s going to be a liberating ride together!

I’m so excited for all of the life-changing journeys we'll get to go on and the exponential positive impact we'll be able to make in the world together!



Jen Earls

Transformational Career & Life Coach, Meditation Teacher, Dancer
Founder, Dance With Life Consulting


Is work/study available?
-Yes! If you'd like to help set up/break down in exchange for participation, I'd love to have you! Contact me at dancewithlifeconsulting@gmail.com or 978-790-3588

What to wear/bring?
-Dress comfortably. Yoga/movement attire is best. No shoes on the floor. Socks are welcome.
-Please bring a notebook/journal/paper and pen or pencil to capture your insights.
-Water bottle.
-Yoga mat and/or yoga block and/or cushion for meditation if you like.

Do I need to come every week or can I drop in?
-Drop in! Come when you can. The hope is that it will be so awesome though that you'll want to come each week ;-)

Where to park?
-Parking is free in the 561 Windsor Street Parking lot. There is plenty of space!

-Questions? Contact Jen Earls at dancewithlifeconsulting@gmail.com or 978-790-3588

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