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Unrestricted, Unrehearsed and Creative Music Ala Free-Jazz...

The Lily Pad Inman

Saturday • July 20

Clock Icon 8:00 PM
Money Icon $15
Location Icon The Lily Pad Inman
1353 Cambridge Street
Cambridge, MA 02139

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From New England & New York & Boston

Paul, Flaherty, Chris Corsano (associated with each other for decades) + Damon Smith + Jeb Bishop + Forbes Graham 

Paul Flaherty (saxophones) Back after more than three years absence (playingwith Forbes Graham then). "…Flaherty encapsulates the history of outlaw free improvising in New England…" -David Keenan (The Wire, The Scottish Sunday Herald).  "Flaherty is an absolute monster… and a deep-rooted knowledge of jazz that can't resist making its presence felt." " - Dan Warburton (Paris Transatlantic). 

Chris Corsano (drums/percussion) Back after
more than three years
absence (playing with Joe McPhee! as well as Paul then) 
 “The music in some ways ceases to be about the drums as we normally think of them, instead being a personally expressive vehicle that can mass rhythms or present a variety of singing and scraping tones”.  Clifford Allen, Tiny Mix Tapes.

Damon Smith (upright bass) A Boston virtuoso helping to surface Free-Jazz from obscurity, perhaps the last time to hear him
before he departs Boston
, after moving to the Boston area in the
fall of 2016. 
“A driving force in Out-Jazz, double bassist Damon Smith, a hardcore punk rock disciple turned free improvisational titan is fully in his element, helping unleash an impossible firestorm of loud noise…”

JebBishop (trombone) Raising the creative bar for the Boston area!

"... one of the best-kept secrets in American jazz ..." -- Lloyd
Sachs, Chicago Sun-Times, January 6, 2002.

“Jeb Bishop is the most inspiring player to come out of the North Side (Chicago) improvising scene associated with Ken Vandermark. In recent years, the trombonist has blossomed into a major voice on his instrument, with a big,b punchy tone, an instinctive sense of melody and the wisdom not to run on too long. A veteran of multiple international tours, he's a frequent collaborator
with like‑minded players…” – Chicago Sun Times.

Forbes Graham “Hisngreatest strength as a creator is that he is not pretentious about making music that normally comes with an air of pretension. He has the gift of creating a complex sound, using human vernacular elements. It is intellectual without bbeing academic:. -  WBUR-FM, Boston.

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