Readers: What’s the best and worst candy to give out at Halloween?

Don't be the licorice house.

Halloween candy
Halloween candy Photo by Denny Müller on Unsplash

Halloween is swiftly approaching, and with it, the inevitable debate over the best Halloween candy to give trick-or-treaters this year. Sure, you could play it safe and buy a mixed bag of whatever CVS is offering, but you could also be the Halloween hero every kid needs. So what exactly does that entail?

There’s always that one house on the block that kids line up for, where king-size Snickers bars and full sleeves of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are doled out freely.

And then there’s the house that thinks apples are a suitable Halloween handout, or that black licorice is a crowd pleaser. Reader: Don’t be that house.


To ensure that you end up on the right side of trick-or-treat history, we’re asking you to vote for the best and worst Halloween candy to give out this year. Fill out the poll below, or share your thoughts by e-mailing [email protected]. We’ll put together a list of reader favorites (and least favorites), so you can remain in good standing with the neighborhood. Oh, and because you want to enjoy your leftovers, too.

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