Bostonians Don’t Even Like Boston Crème Pie, but Here’s What They Do Like

Since apple pie is considered a symbol of American culture, you might think it would be the favorite pie in a state where the Pilgrims docked the Mayflower — but you’d be wrong.

Massachusetts’ favorite pie is pumpkin, followed closely by apple, then pecan and blueberry, according to Facebook data. Boston crème pie came in dead last. collected Facebook data on Nov. 20 that reflected 85,900 mentions or likes from Massachusetts residents expressing interest in these types of pies.

Folks are more than 30 times as interested in pumpkin pie (44,000) as they are in Boston crème pie (1,420).


Take our poll and tell us if you’re more adventurous in your pie choices, or if you fall in with the majority of Massachusetts.

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