Ran Duan: I’m Ready to Forgive and Move On

Ran Duan is ready to move on.

The Woburn restaurant owner involved in a highly publicized dispute with Harvard Business school associate professor Ben Edelman spoke to about the situation and expressed a desire to put the ordeal behind him.

“I forgive people…I mean…I tried to do everything and he obviously has valid points that he’s right. I’m not here to argue who’s right and who’s wrong I just want to get it resolved,’’ Duan told “I’m from a Chinese background and chain of command, respect your elders, everything’s been ingrained in me since I was a little boy.’’


Duan says he has received hundreds of emails since the dispute was first reported.

“A majority of the emails were from people from Harvard that expressed their apologies on behalf of the situation. They don’t owe me an apology. I actually own them an apology because they are getting a bad rap by associating with this whole ordeal.’’

Duan’s parents founded Sichuan Garden, which has locations in Woburn and Brookline Village, in the early 1990s.

Duan said he’s sending Edelman a check in hopes of resolving the dispute once and for all.

“I’m actually going to honor him full price back just out of the goodness of my heart. I will be donating money to the Greater Boston Food Bank, as well, which I hope (Edelman) takes that check and donates it as well.’’

“Hopefully we can learn something from this and just move on as a community,’’ Duan said.


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