Kane’s Donuts puts a sweet twist on the lobster roll

Just in time for summer.

Kane’s “dowich’’ donut sandwiches
Kane’s “dowich’’ donut sandwiches –Courtesy of Kane’s Handcrafted Donuts

New England summers mean lobster rolls, but Kane’s is changing up that classic.

Kane’s Handcrafted is introducing a twist on the traditional lobster roll, using brioche-based doughnuts instead of bread.

Kane’s has been handcrafting sweets in Saugus since 1955, and recently opened a Boston location. With that expansion has come experimentation: President and co-owner Paul Delios instituted the “dowich.’’

You can also get braised beef and chicken between buttery, brioche-based doughnuts. But when in Massachusetts, you can’t skip the seafood.

Jeanne O’Brien Coffey from Forbes said the treat complements, but doesn’t overwhelm the fresh lobster meat.


Will Dunkin’ Donuts roll out a lobster dowich next?

“Doughnuts are love.’’ Take a glimpse inside the Kane’s business:

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