Boston breweries can make and package their beer at this upcoming Dorchester spot

And yes, there will be a tasting room.

Boston’s beer culture has always been rich, and its microbrewery scene continues to grow. But as local rents keep rising, it’s not always easy for young beer makers to afford a home. Thanks to the upcoming Dorchester Brewing Company, they may not need to.

Dorchester Brewing Company is a 25,000 square-foot brewing facility located at 1246 Mass Ave., looking at a spring 2016 opening date. It will also be Boston’s first contract brewery, meaning that it will be a shared space for local craft brewers to produce and package their beers in mass quantities. According to a release, the brewery hopes to become “similar to Zipcar, Uber, and Airbnb’’ for the local beer economy.


“As the regional craft beer industry continues to expand, we’re excited to be offering a superior, cost-effective, predictable solution and suite of services to brands to brew their beer and grow their businesses,’’ Dorchester Brewing Company CEO and co-founder Matt Malloy said in the release. “In addition to removing many burdens faced by brewers today, we look to create a highly collaborative environment and help level the playing field for the brewers that dedicate their lives to making great beer.’’

Not only will the space offer brewers the resources to make, and can, bottle, or keg their creations, but it will also house a 2,000-plus square foot tasting room where industry workers can serve their beers and network with other professionals. It’s another step in innovation for an always-evolving Boston beer community.

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