People on Instagram freaked out about this bagel pop-up in Fort Point

‘Exodus’ made its South Boston entrance and customers were very happy about it.

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Exodus Bagels, the local bagel makers with a quickly-growing following, gained traction in Boston for serving up fresh New York-style bagles in various flavors, like the classic “everything’’ pictured above.

Owner and head baker Adam Hirsch started trying his hand at the craft of bagel making a while ago, giving out his first batches to anyone who’d be willing to try them and give feedback, according to Boston Magazine. Once he perfected a recipe and technique that worked, he began charging for his creations.

Exodus held a pop-up offering at Fort Point’s Row 34 restaurant over the weekend. And people who attended couldn’t. Stop. Posting about it.

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Exodus is the indie member of Boston’s bagel scene. They have a small mom-and-pop feel, but still give off cool vibes—or, as they would say, #DOUGHP vibes. And in true indie form, they have a limited supply and high a demand.

They don’t even have an official storefront yet. According to the Boston Globe, their New York-style bagels are made in a shared kitchen space in Dorchester. So they stick to selling from community events and doingpop-ups, including the one they did Sunday at Row 34.

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Usually, they’re sold en masse at the Urbano Project/Egleston farmer’s market. Over the weekend, they migrated east for their pop up in Fort Point, and they sold out all 300 of the bagels they brought with them. Quickly.

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If you want to try these bagels for yourself, keep an eye on Exodus’s Facebook page. According to a recent post, they have another pop-up in the works for this coming Sunday. Just stay tuned to find out exactly where it’ll be.

It was like a flash of light and was over. 300+ bagels gone-zo. We had a blast collaborating with @row34 & @...

Posted by Exodus Bagels on Sunday, December 13, 2015

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