A brief history of weird peanut butter recipes in The Boston Globe

Macaroni peanut butter loaf, anyone?

Today is National Peanut Butter Day, a day in which we celebrate America’s favorite legume-based spread. Here in Boston, the peanut butter tradition runs thick, from local staples (Teddie) to certified technological breakthroughs (caffeinated peanut butter is a thing).

Nowhere is this love affair more evident than in the the pages of The Boston Globe, where a number of delicious-sounding — and even some genuinely strange — peanut butter recipes have been printed.

Here are some examples of particularly interesting peanut butter-based recipes that have been featured in the Globe over the years.

Aside from the name of this dish being slightly unappealing, there are also a lot of different flavor profiles working against each other here. This recipe dates back to June 21, 1940.


Please direct your attention to the right side of this list. Unless you’re looking for useful recipes, in which case stick to the left side.

Sometimes “strange’’ doesn’t mean “bad.’’ Anytime bacon can be incorporated into a recipe, the result is usually a winner for carnivores. If you’re a bacon lover, you might consider this odd breakfast pastry recipe, printed in a 1944 issue of the Globe.

Once again, peanut butter meets bacon (a flavor combo famously associated with Elvis), but this time it’s on corn (?). This recipe ran on August 4, 1955.

Last but not least, November 10, 1960 provided some ways to improve the main ingredient. Sure, applesauce and cinnamon seem like good pairings, but celery and pickle relish? Deviled ham, piccalilli, and mayonnaise? Interesting…

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