Holy guacamole! This Boston restaurant wants to feed you a year’s worth of guac and chips

For $99, you can be avocado royalty in 2016.

Newburyport, MA - 10/12/2015 - Samples of guacamole sits on display at the Patty's Guacamole stall at the Newburyport Farmer's Market in Newburyport, MA, October 12, 2015. (Keith Bedford/Globe Staff)
–The Boston Globe


Want some real guac talk? Ninety-nine dollars will get you all of the chips and guacamole that you can stuff down your gullet for an entire year at Papagayo.

All four of the restaurant’s Massachusetts locations (Seaport, Theatre District, Saugus, and Somerville’s Assembly Row) are offering an online special by which patrons can receive free guacamole and chips once a week, every week, for all of 2016.

This promotion isn’t the first time Papagayo has thought out outside the box. A couple years ago, the restaurant ran a Super Bowl campaign during which customers could pick a team and, if their team won, they wouldn’t have to pay for their meal. If their team lost, they’d still go home with a $20 gift certificate. Papagayo also once hosted a “drunk pinata swing’’: Patrons would wear drunk simulation goggles and take swings at a pinata in order to win various prizes.


Guacamole is the restaurant’s most popular item, Papagayo owner Chris Damian said.

“We just passed our five-year anniversary in South Boston, [and] we thought this could be a cool promotion for a couple reasons,’’ Damian said. “One is to give the people who have been coming and supporting s all this time an opportunity to come in at a bit of a discount. We also thought it could be a great way to drive some new traffic. We see this as an investment in retaining our guests that have been here and trying to get new customers and create an experience that will make Papagayo the place that they love and support.’’

A few customers have already sprung for the deal. And while the special is advertised as guacamole for a year, there is some flexibility—customers can use it 52 times throughout a shorter period of time if they choose. The package can be purchased now on Papagayo’s website.

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