A meatballs restaurant is coming to Southie

Certified Meatball Company is opening on West Broadway, next to Lincoln and Loco.

–451 Marketing

It’s Southie with a (very high) chance of meatballs. This summer, Certified Meatball Company will open at 429 West Broadway, right next to Lincoln Tavern, Loco Taqueria, and the newly opened Capo.

The restaurant is the brainchild of Boston Nightlife Ventures, the restaurant group responsible for spots like Wink & Nod, The Tap Trailhouse, and Griddler’s Burgers & Dogs. The concept for the meatball restaurant is a “cozy neighborhood joint that celebrates the meatball,’’ said Bill Brodsky, chief culinary officer of Boston Nightlife Ventures.

“Now, a lot of people automatically think Italian when a meatball is mentioned, but the fact is that meatballs are a food item in several food cultures around the world,’’ he said. “We’ve decided to approach the meatball from a global perspective, so from Swedish meatballs to Asian ones, we’ll offer a little bit to everyone. It’s all about bold flavors here.’’


The restaurant was originally slated to open in Davis Square in Somerville, but plans changed when the deal got too complicated and was taking up too much time, Brodsky said. He also added that Southie makes sense because “it’s a residential community of young professionals and families, which are our target demographic.’’

At Certified Meatball, guests will be able to order solo meatballs, meatballs as sides, or meatball sandwiches. The restaurant also plans to incorporate a takeout component, Brodsky said.

Will there ever be a “chance of meatballs’’ in any other neighborhoods?

“In the future, Certified Meatball Company is a concept we’d like to explore in similar neighborhoods,’’ said Brodsky. “We haven’t given up on Davis Square, either.’’

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