This interactive map tells you when a Boston food truck is close by

Need to find a (mobile) meal? There's a map for that.


Thanks to a group of students from Northeastern University, you can now locate all your favorite food trucks in Boston using an interactive map.

Boston Feed Me is a real-time graphic that tracks nearly 60 food trucks around the city. It was created by Jenn Kappel, Karen Doyle, Moling Guo, and Khrystyna Reyes, graduating seniors at Northeastern University. Their map, which went live in April 2016, is updated based on the schedules provided by the trucks themselves.

In addition to crowdsourcing for information and checking the City of Boston’s website, Kappel and Doyle created a Google form on which trucks can submit their own information for consideration, in the hopes that trucks will “self-populate the site.” Which, according to Kappel, businesses are inclined to do.


“Every single truck, we’ve asked them for their feedback. A lot of them said it was a great resource and they promoted it on social media,” she said.

In the future, Kappel said the company would like to inform Boston Feed Me’s users when food truck festivals and other food-truck related events are headed to Boston and, at some point, expand the product outside of Boston.

“Way down the road, this has the potential to branch into other cities,” Kappel said. “Food trucks are a growing culture in other cities, so it has the potential to expand.”

In the meantime, 58 Boston-based trucks (and counting) populate the site, including icons like Clover, Zinneken’s, and Kappel and Doyle’s favorite, Roxy’s Grilled Cheese.

“Roxy’s was the first one,” Kappel said. “That was the one we had featured at the beginning, since it’s one of the most popular. And it’s our favorite.”

Corrected 5/5/2016 12:52 P.M.: This post has been updated to reflect that the name of the map is “Boston Feed Me,” not “Boston Feed.”

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