How to make Boston Burger Company’s over-the-top meals in your own kitchen

BurgaBox is Boston Burger Company's nee meal kit delivery company.
BurgaBox is Boston Burger Company's new meal kit delivery company. –Courtesy of Boston Burger Company

You can now create a Boston Burger Company-certified “messy, gooey, tasty meal” in your own kitchen.

The restaurant—best known for its out-of-control burgers, frappes, and mac-and-cheese, as well as its famous fans like chefs Guy Fieri and Rachel Ray—launched its first meal delivery kit called BurgaBox last month.

BurgaBox is a “cheat day in a box,” according to Chuck Sillari, co-owner and founder of Boston Burger Company.

“We were sitting in the office when Christina Orso, our marketing director, got a meal kit delivered to the office,” Sillari said in a statement. “We all just sort of scratched our head and couldn’t believe people would actually get excited about something like this.”


Sillari said the box was a “skimpy, health conscious” meal, but after doing some research, the team said they thought there was a hole in the booming meal kit market for an extravagant, less health conscious, dinner. That’s when the idea to ship their burgers to anyone, anywhere, was born.

A meal kit for two—which includes two burgers, cole slaw, and baked beans—will cost you $45, and no meal will take longer than 30 minutes to prepare, according to the company.

Carnivores can choose between six specialty burgers for their kits, including the restaurant’s Green Monstah, Hot Mess, and Mac Attack burgers. And the kits don’t stop with burgers. You can choose between the restaurant’s seven signature mac-and-cheese dishes and five flavors of loaded wedge fries.

Watch how to make your own Mac Attack burger below:

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