Boston food Instagrammers share their favorite restaurants and photography tips

Tatte Bakery and Cafe.
Tatte Bakery and Cafe. –@ourlifeinfood / Instagram

For some, taking food pictures is part of a dining routine—picking up a phone when a meal arrives is as natural as picking up a fork. In fact, there are myriad accounts on Instagram dedicated only to sharing the most tantalizing, aesthetically-pleasing food possible.

Want to up your own gastro picture game? We asked some of Boston’s top Instagram foodies to share their favorite places for scoring the most decadent-looking dishes, and how to make them look extra ‘grammable.


Instagrammer: Yusra Wahab
Followers: 17.2K

Wahab started taking pictures of her meals just to remember the experiences. After posting some of the photos on her personal Instagram, she received so much positive feedback that she decided to make an account dedicated to food.


Wahab looks at restaurants’ geotags on Instagram by typing the establishments’ names into the app’s search bar and hitting the “Places” option. That way, she can find restaurants with attractive food before making the trip. She said some of her favorite Boston area restaurants for taking pictures include Uni, as well as Zinneken’s for their well-known waffles.

Another one of Wahab’s tips: “Colorful dishes usually lead to higher engagement.”


Instagrammer: Jessica Dao
Followers: 31.9K

Dao encourages playing with your food. For the ‘gram, that is.

“Have people hold the food instead of laying it on the table,” she said, explaining that cutting, opening, “pulling and lifting” makes for more fun pictures. (For reference, check out the #liftingnoodles and #cheesepull hashtags.)

Dao lists Area Four, the creative pizza spot with locations in Kendall Square and the South End, as one of her go-to restaurants for pictures. She also likes Love Art Sushi and Beard Papa for dessert.


Instagrammer: Brenda Nguyen
Followers: 7.7K

According to Nguyen, the key to great food snaps is authenticity.

“I try to replicate the experience for the people on Instagram,” she said. “It’s all about capturing a story, the story of the restaurant. Each dish I share is like owning a piece of the restaurant.”


One of Nguyen’s favorite spots is Double Chin, an Asian fusion cafe in Chinatown.

“They fuse American comfort food with Chinese comfort food to take Asian food to a whole new level,” she said.


Instagrammer: Kate Weiser
Followers: 7.9K

Weiser, who co-runs her food Instagram with her pal, Lucy Golub, and also runs the Boston Instagram @BucketListBoston, knows a thing or two about what attracts followers.

“It’s all about the angles,” Weiser said.

She said that, while it’s tempting to take a top-down snap of your food the second it hits the table, committing to an interesting angle makes all the difference.

“It may involve getting down and dirty on the floor to get that perfect up-close shot of the side of your meal, or having everyone stare at you as you stand on a chair and make a scene to get that perfect tabletop pic,” Weiser said.

She lists Tatte Bakery, Trident Cafe, and Mamaleh’s as some of her favorite Boston restaurants for taking food snaps.