Meet Polar Seltzer’s limited edition flavors for summer 2017

Polar Seltzer's 2017 summer flavors. Polar Seltzer

The summer 2017 limited edition Polar Seltzer flavors are here.

The Worceser-based company began selling the following five flavors on Monday: pineapple grapefruit, raspberry rosé, strawberry sunrise, mango berry, and watermelon margarita.

The latter two, which were a part of last year’s summer collection, “are back for encores,” according to a press release.

The same release describes pineapple grapefruit as “tropicalesque,” strawberry sunrise as “scrumptious fruit-forward,” raspberry rosé as a “bistro breakout hit,” and all five of the seasonal flavors as “totally effervescent.”

In February, Polar announced the arrival of its permanent Seltzer’ade collection. Seltzer’ade is available in raspberry pink lemonade, mango limeade, watermelon lemonade, blueberry lemonade, and tart cherry limeade.