Clover is shutting down all of its food trucks

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Clover Food Lab owner Ayr Muir serves a sandwich from his truck near MIT in Cambridge. –Wendy Maeda/Globe Staff

A prominent Boston area fast-casual restaurant is taking its fleet of food trucks off the road.

Clover founder Ayr Muir announced the decision in a blog post this past weekend, saying that the food truck typically parked on Newbury Street ended service on Friday, July 28, due to mechanical problems, while the Clover truck found in Dewey Square will close for good on Friday.

“This is the end of a process that started a few years ago,” Muir wrote. “It was back in 2014 or so that we stopped using the trucks to drive the sales and bottom line for Clover, and shifted their role to marketing and site selection. As I look at Clover today I want to focus our attention on the restaurants. I love trucks so much, it was how I started. But they add a lot of daily complexity. We’ll be a better company if we’re more streamlined and more focused.”


One of Clover’s food trucks was briefly taken off the road last October by health inspectors due to a lack of running water. In 2013, both Clover’s food trucks and brick-and-mortar locations were temporarily shut down after an outbreak of food poisoning and salmonella among Clover customers.

Muir wrote that he planned to keep two of the trucks for events and catering, but sell the remainder of Clover’s fleet to other aspiring entrepreneurs.

Clover currently has around a dozen brick-and-mortar locations spread across Cambridge, Boston, Brookline, and Burlington, plus two located in Whole Foods stores in Westford and Sudbury.


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