Polar Seltzer just surprised everyone with vending machines around Boston

You can buy Polar Seltzer cans from machines around Boston for the next couple of weeks, and support local schools in the process.

Impossibly Good Polar Seltzer cans
Impossibly Good Polar Seltzer cans. –Polar Seltzer

Polar Seltzer addicts in New England probably purchase four-packs of the bubbly beverage, or at least large bottles. If you’ve ever wanted to purchase a small, single can of Polar, you’re in luck.

According to a post on Polar’s website, the Worcester-based beverage brand has placed eight vending machines around Boston, giving thirsty visitors a chance to buy 8-ounce cans of “Seltzer Jr.” for a limited time.

“For the next couple of weeks only, we’ve dropped 8 vending machines around Boston,” the company wrote. “They’re filled with Impossibly Good sparkling seltzers waiting to be purchased by generous folks to raise money for the arts in school. Let unicorns, dragons, mermaids, and yeti tickle your imagination while enjoying the epic refreshment of doing good.”


The company said that all of the profits from the machines would go to arts programs at local public schools.

“Every dollar spent will be donated directly to local schools,” the company wrote. “We are working directly with Myran Parker-Brass, Executive Director for the Arts at Boston Public schools to help fund and support visual art education and programs. So, grab a seltzer and support the arts.”

While the company did not list the locations of the eight machines on their website, the company’s Instagram account provided some clues.

When Instagram fans asked where the machines are in the comments of the post, the company’s account listed Boston Public Market on Hanover Street, the New Balance headquarters in Brighton, Sweet Cheeks restaurant in the Fenway, a convenience store on Commonwealth Avenue near Boston University, Patriot Place in Foxborough, Wachusett Mountain in Princeton, and the Polar headquarters in Worcester. Whether the three locations outside of the city count toward the eight in Boston remains unclear, and Polar did not respond to a request for comment by the time of this article’s publication.


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