Polar Seltzer has revealed its summer 2018 limited edition flavors

Get the coolers ready.

Polar Seltzer's new limited edition flavors.
Polar Seltzer's new limited edition flavors. –Polar Seltzer

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Polar Seltzer has announced its limited edition summer 2018 lineup, and it includes three new flavors and two old favorites.

The Worcester-based company’s descriptions of its new seasonal flavors are typically colorful: Customers can expect a “tartylicious” pineapple lemon twist, a “delightfully bright” mango cherry bliss, and a “seriously refreshing” blueberry tangerine. Rounding out the collection will be the “darling” raspberry rosé (a returning flavor from summer 2017) and the “forever irresistible” cucumber melon (coming back from summer 2013).

Polar, which introduces a new set of limited edition flavors twice a year, says on its website that its seasonal collections are a thank-you to seltzer fans, who have been known to send the company “passionate emails, tweets and posts about how certain flavors are life-changing.”


The limited edition summer flavors will be released Tuesday.

Polar also announced a “sleek” new 12-ounce can, which, it wrote in a release will “look seriously sexy at all your summer parties, in beach coolers, and picnics.”


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