Joanne Chang teases the new desserts coming to Flour and Myers + Chang

Including a vanilla birthday cake with chocolate pudding frosting and homemade sprinkles.

Joanne Chang of Flour Bakery and Cafe.
Joanne Chang of Flour Bakery and Cafe. –The Boston Globe

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Joanne Chang is bringing Boston new sweet treats.

The Flour and Myers + Chang owner-chef has periodically posted photos of a scrumptious-looking cake to social media over the last three months. That cake is finally set to debut at her restaurants on Friday. 

“We are introducing vanilla birthday cake with chocolate pudding frosting to our menu at both Flour and [Myers + Chang]!” Chang wrote in an e-mail.

The top rim of the dessert is dusted with homemade sprinkles.

At Myers + Chang, the dessert will be available by the slice. If you’re looking to take home a full cake, however, you’ll need to pre-order it at Flour. Note that the bakery requires at least 24 hours’ notice for those orders. Slices of the cake won’t be available at Flour on Friday, but Chang said in her most recent Instagram post on May 31 that the cake will be available daily on the bakery chain’s pastry counter soon. 


According to a March 24 post on Chang’s Instagram, the cake went through five or six iterations before the recipe was finalized.

This isn’t the only new confection Chang has up her sleeve. At Myers + Chang, diners will see a mango and coconut sticky rice with mango ice and mango lime curd premiere this weekend. And at Flour, Chang is pursuing an initiative to incorporate more whole grains into the pastries. 

“We have a few new items coming out,” she said in her e-mail. “These items will be made with at least 50 [percent] or more whole grain flour.”

Chang said some of these desserts, such as an oatmeal raisin cookie, will appear in the chain’s pastry cases by this weekend. Others, like a muesli, biscotti, and tahini shortbread cookie, will be available in a month or two. 


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